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6 abstract compositions

Yes, more stairs. Because once I’ve found a theme to run with, I want to keep running with it. This time I’m running up and down stairs.

3 more leaves

Yup, I’m definitely not done with leaves. Here are 3 very different leaves that caught my eye this fall.

This bright leaf found its trip to the ground interrupted by the grating of a large bird cage. I loved the bold sections of contrasting color, and the way the leaf glowed in the sunlight.

While it doesn’t have vibrant colors, I found the curl of this dry leaf to be quite appealing.

This brightly painted leaf was all the more appealing for having landed itself on a swirling canvas of floating algae.

rust blossoms

I’ve said before that I love the patterns produced by rust and weathered paint. The bold compositions produced by the elements working away at metal surfaces covered in their flimsy dressing of paint can rival those of some of the most venerated abstract expressionists. These canvases, however, are not so much the kind you find in museums, but rather on dumpsters, storage containers, parking lot barriers and such. Here are several examples of compositions of rust and weathered pain that caught my eye, several for producing patterns that were almost floral in appearance. (I realize that what these also look like are inkblots. What do you see in the pictures?)

The base of a lamp post in a parking lot in Providence, RI.

This was in Dublin. I think it was some sort of a garage door.

A parking lot barrier post in New York.

A parking lot post of some sort. In Massachusetts.

Some sort of wall at the Völklingen Ironworks, in Germany.

magnolias in the rain


These are some more photos of the same star magnolia tree I posted yesterday, that I also took last spring.


These were taken a couple of days later, along with a number of other raindrop photos that I posted last year. I saved these to post another day, but somehow hadn’t gotten around to posting them yet.


Looking back at these photos, I’m realizing that I haven’t been taking nearly as many photos over the last few months. I miss it.


I should really fix myself back up with my macro lens and get back outside.


Or inside. I should really just get back to using my camera.




A few more of these photos are included in the slideshow below if you (like me) can’t get enough views of raindrops.

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ducklings in a row

I found this draft of a post that I’d started in 2013. Not sure why didn’t get around to posting it. It looks like it was a friday foto finder post for the theme of “ducks“. Anyhow, I wanted to post something today, but I have a bad cold and a splitting headache, so not enough mental capacity to get any new ducks in a row.

The mama duck has all (or most of) her ducks in a clump.

Now she has her ducks in a row.

So fuzzy.

Mama-baby moment.

I love the little pouf of down on this little guy’s head. (And of course I love the rippled reflections on the water.)

curled up

It’s true that I’m a sucker for spirals. They are a frequent motif in my doodles. I love the spirals are also a frequent motif in the gates, grates and railings of some of the older buildings around Boston, especially those at BU. Over the years (because I have been a student for so many, many years) I have found my eyes drawn to many such spiralled details, and have quite a few photos to show for it. Here are a few of them.

This is one of those days when my biggest accomplishment was to keep myself from staying curled up in a ball all day. I need to do a better job getting enough sleep, eating properly, and getting some exercise to help get me through this really stressful time.

orange among the apples

This was a photo from 2011, from late-ish November. That fall was a particularly mild one, and one of my favorite local places to pick apples was still open for pick-your-own. The afternoon was a beautiful one for both picking apples and taking photos. (I posted quite a few photos from that excursion back in 2011, but this one seems not to have made the cut.) The late afternoon sun made everything glow in warm and bright hues, living up to the promise of the golden hour. In this shot, I love the way the lens flare made orange blobs over the image, which echo the glow of the orange leaves on the apple trees.