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(not quite) back in the swing of things

swing chain, triangle

It’s apparently hard for me to get back into the swing of posting daily.


But I won’t let a day of failure keep be from my goals. I’ll climb back up on that swing, and start kicking my legs again.


Even if it means posting a bunch of photos that I took years ago (and may well have posted here years ago).


Before you know it, I’ll get into the rhythm of it, and feel the breeze in my hair. (Blog posts cause a bit of wind, don’t they? Sometimes they may, at least, be full of hot air.)

Not dead yet


Here it is, November 1st, and I haven’t posted since April. Some have wondered if the blog (at least this one) is good and dead. However, I’m willing to declare that this blog is not dead yet.

Since I started this blog over 10 years ago, I have participated in some sort of daily posting every November. Here’s to (at least) one more go. (Expect a high percentage of leaf photos, musings about the rapid passage of time, and filler text.)

flocking formations

I took quite a lot of photos on my excursion into Boston yesterday. While many of them were to document historic monuments for my son’s scrapbook project, I naturally took a bunch of things that caught my eye. Something that definitely caught my attention was the flocking behavior of some pigeons. It was fascinating to watch them swoop and turn as a mass. The first flock we saw, I barely managed to get a couple of shots with my phone before the pigeons decided to perch on a rooftop.


A couple of hours later, a flock caught my eye when my real camera was at the ready.



At the end of the day, I was amused to see this one little guy on the underground platform at Back Bay Station, apparently waiting for the same train we were. I can only assume that the flock was getting on his nerves, and he decided to fly solo for a bit (as it were).



Tonight I am grateful both for having a flock to be a part of (my friends and family), but also be able to have some time alone to do my own thing.

a little fried

I’m too tired tonight to write, and am turning in early. I had an extra 3 children last night and today, and am feeling a bit fried. Instead of anything of substance, here is a photo of some of the pancakes I made this morning.

I find myself feeling grateful for some of the things I have already enumerated (especially the sleep one), so I will attempt to serve up a double helping of gratitude tomorrow. (I didn’t want to skip posting, though, as I know it is too easy to let one skipped day turn into…months. And there is still too much to say.)

these legs were made for walking

I’ve been doing a lot of walking these last few months. Mostly, I take my two legs on a daily morning walk with my four-legged companion. Yesterday, I went on a walk around a neighborhood in a neighboring swing state. Tomorrow, my legs will help walk me into my local polling location, where I will cast my vote for the first woman president of the United States.

A photo from a morning walk.

Me at the Manchester, NH Democratic Party headquarters, getting ready to canvass.

Tonight I am grateful for having legs that can carry me places, and for the ability to walk for health, enjoyment, and working towards social good.

perchance to dream

An oversized and stately but uncomfortable looking mattress-less bed from Stirling Castle in Scotland. Photo taken in August, 2015.

Today, I was feeling quite tired much of the day, due in part to a bit of sleep deficit from a hectic stretch. Tonight, I find myself feeling especially grateful that I can anticipate a decent night’s sleep. I am grateful that I have a bed to sleep in, and grateful that I am able to sleep.

a new leaf

It is November once more, and I find myself reminiscing about my daily November blogging of yore. I have much to say, but don’t know whether I will manage to find the time and motivation to say it. However, as with many things in life, if I don’t try, I know I definitely won’t succeed. So, I will start. And I’ll start with a leaf, because fall in New England brings many leaves to my path. (Also to my lawn, my driveway, and my gutters…) This particular leaf was striking in its colorfulness.

I have also been thinking about how I would like to take stock of the many things in my life for which I am thankful, and share them here. I’ll start by saying how thankful I am for the fall, and for living in a place where the fall brings dramatic and dynamic displays of color and light.