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There are times when I feel like I will never get caught up with my massive backlog of projects. Thousands of photos to sort through. Stories to tell. News to share. Here I’ve been back blogging for almost 2 weeks, and I haven’t really said much yet. Ah, well. It’s at least a start.

And since I felt like I should have a photo of a log, here are some photos of a rather massive log out back behind the house.

on the ball

Having dropped the ball and forgotten to post a couple of days ago, I have since attempted to be more on the ball. Then I find myself wondering that if I don’t want to drop the ball, shouldn’t I really hold the ball? Or should I throw the ball and try to keep it up in the air? But no, I’ll instead just attempt to be on the ball, since that seems to be the idiom that fits.

Having chosen the post title “on the ball,” and noticing that it’s a Thursday, I briefly mused that I should put together a ball-themed list along the lines of my Themed Things Thursday ists of old. A sort of Throwback Themed Things Thursday. And then I had a vague memory of having once posted a ball-themed list. So, no new themed list. But I can at least take the ball and run with it. Or at least take the ball and post with it. Or maybe have a ball posting. Nah, not so much having a ball, really.

dropped the ball

So, remember how I started posting again? Saying I was planning to post every day for the month of November, as is my long-standing tradition. Well, I dropped that ball. It took a remarkable 3 days. And I didn’t just forget until late at night. I forgot until today. But, I won’t let that keep me from trying to get back into my blogging groove. I may even try to make up for it. Just not tonight. It’s been a long full day of dashing from task to task. I’m beat.

A ball in the cheetah enclosure at the zoo. It is not clear to me whether this ball belongs to the cheetah, or whether some visitor dropped the ball. It is clear to me that while I dropped the ball, it was not in this case not the literal ball that I dropped. I would have remembered that. It would have made a much more colorful story to say I dropped a ball into a cheetah enclosure than to say that I totally forgot to post because I was tired.

back from the dead

Hi. It’s been a while. Almost 6 months without a post. But after 8 straight years of blogging daily for the month of November, to let today pass without a post would have seemed like I was pronouncing this blog officially dead and buried. I never meant to kill it off, though. I guess I’ve been pretty wrapped up in things¹ for the past few months. Anyhow, I’m back. Or at least attempting to be back.

¹ For the record, I never² go into a blog post with the intention of making puns. It’s as if they make themselves sometimes.
² Or if not exactly “never,” at least not always.

in the rain room

A few weeks ago, I posted some photos of views through beautiful sparkling ice. Beautiful sparkling ice that was on our windows and screens and indicated that water was coming in under the roof due to ice dams. One surprisingly warm day in February, we came home from a relaxing weekend away to find that the ice was melting. Oh glory day! And then we walked into this:

Our breakfast nook was raining. The hardwood floors were puddled. Naturally, I felt this was an opportunity to make a slo-mo movie. (Clearly the water had been coming in for at least an hour. A few seconds delay to cleaning it up were hardly going to make a major difference to the damage.)

This wasn’t even the first time we had water coming in. It was just the most dramatic. Other leaks were a bit more slow, and a range of buckets and beach towels kept things more-or-less under control.

I think the beach towels add a cheerful summery look to the room.

John also spent many hours breaking through the ice dams to release the water. Once the water had another way out, it stopped finding its way into the house. (Until the ice dams reformed the next time. And the next time.)

Another view of the summer beach decor, and a view of the ladder where John spent many hours dreaming of summer.

And so ends April, and I did manage to post something here every day for the whole month. Not much of substance, but it still felt good. Hopefully I will manage to continue to post.

trying to get my ducks in a row

I’m finding it challenging to get back in the habit of daily blogging. I always want there to be some sort of sense or order to my posts, but life is just too chaotic these days to invest a lot of time and thought. So, instead I will throw in a bunch of rubber ducks.

not so grand reopening

Um. Hi. I’m back. Yes, it’s been a while.

Somehow, after posting every single day for 3 and a half months, I managed to drop the ball, and stop posting entirely for…3 and a half months. On average, that means I’ve put up a post every 2 days for the past 7 months! That sure does sound like a frequent rate of posting.

I’m not really going to get into why I stopped posting so abruptly, or why it took me so long to get back to it. The short story is that my life got too full. There were so many demands on my time and energy that something had to give. I don’t think I would have consciously chosen to put blogging on hold, but somehow, that’s what happened. But I never intended to stop blogging. I miss it.

So, I’m back, and even considering posting daily again. At least for a month. At the very least, I promise to post on days…when I post.