fruit, up close and personal

In addition to wandering the garden with my macro lens, I also went poking around in my mother-in-law’s fruit bowl. (Okay, one piece of fruit was too big to fit in the fruit bowl. It was on the kitchen counter.) Can you identify these 4 fruits?

9 responses to “fruit, up close and personal

  1. They look more like landscapes than actual fruit. Brilliant.

  2. Gorgeous!
    (And I’ll try to guess the fruits! The first is some sort of melon, possibly cantaloupe. The second is a citrus, probably a mandarin or clementine, or maybe a regular orange. The third is a banana. The fourth is some sort of pear, I think, but I can’t guess which kind.)

  3. cantaloupe, orange, banana, apple?

  4. Fun. You make me smile.

  5. Cantaloupe. Tangelo. Banana. Pumpkin.

  6. Cantaloupe, orange, banana, pear.

  7. You guys are the best! In case you are still hanging, the answers are: canteloupe, orange (though possibly it could have been a tangelo), banana and pear (a sort of red stripey pear).

  8. Haha, gosh! These really are personal!

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