a bunch of fakes

This week’s friday foto finder challenge was to share a photo on the theme of “fake.” It took some digging through my photo library, but this photo from 2011 caught my eye. This bunch of fake grapes adorned our table at a cafe where we had brunch once. In spite of my general lack of enthusiasm for plastic food used as decorations, I loved the way this bunch of fake grapes glowed in the sunlight, and caught so many reflections in its shiny surfaces.

To see what other fakes others are trying to pass off, pay a visit to the fff blog!
fff 200x60

4 responses to “a bunch of fakes

  1. Fake and fabulous! They’re really beautiful. The color just bursts from the image!

  2. While bringing this post up on my browser, I was eating some green seedless grapes! Coincidence, synchronicity or sheer happenstance? I love the colour of your grapes and would willingly try to chomp their visual yumminess :)

  3. Those grapes look delicious–and in this photo, not fake at all. :)

  4. Great colour.
    I have some non-vegetarian fakes… which I guess makes them vegetarian?

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