3 photos of broken glass

Here are 3 photos of scattered broken glass fragments on pavement that I’ve come across in recent years.¹

Train station parking lot, August, 2010

Sidewalk, May, 2013

Rest area parking lot, September, 2013

I had to drive into Boston for a meeting yesterday, and traffic was a bit slower than is typical late morning, due to construction. I’d also had rough night, sleep-wise, so I’d had more caffeinated beverages than is typical. These combined factors led to me stopping at the rest area on my way in, which is not typical. I looked down at the ground and admired the patterns made by the cracks and the weathered paint, which is typical of me. And I was rewarded by the sight bits of aquamarine-colored glass, bits of someone’s broken car window, sparkling in the sunlight like cut gems. Naturally, I stopped to take some pictures. I was especially pleased that I now had a third photo of broken glass I’d come across to round out my collection. I find it funny that I can remember where I was when I took each of the previous broken glass photos. My mind is littered with this sort of largely useless information.

7 responses to “3 photos of broken glass

  1. I like it that you remember these details. :) And I like the photos!

  2. You have such a keen eye.

  3. How gorgeous! Broken glass framed just so with the light just so makes me wonder at the trouble we go through for anything fancier. That’s facile I know, like saying flowers are better than diamonds, but still.

  4. These are LOVELY pictures…

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