dancing flames (friday foto finder: fire)

We have some local friends who use a fire pit sometimes in their yards. It can be so relaxing to sit around the fire on a chilly night, and watch the flames put on their ever-changing show of light and color and shape. I took these photos using my telephoto, which allowed me to look deep into the flames while keeping my safe distance.

This week’s friday foto finder challenge was to find photos of fire. These have been burning a hole in my photo library since September. To see what other photos are on fire on other people’s blogs, please visit the fff blog.

5 responses to “dancing flames (friday foto finder: fire)

  1. In the midst of winter, I long for a nice hot, friendly fire. Hot fresh toast, toasted marshmallows, baked potatoes – ohhhh – What a great choice for this week.

  2. It’s like looking at the clouds…one tries to recognize shapes in the flames. Cool pics. Or should I say hot pics?

  3. Oooh. Beautiful. But looking at these does make me crave s’mores.

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