another rain-streaked window (friday foto finder: rain)

This watery photo is one I fished out of my photo archives from October, 2011. I love the splash of color in the background from the fall foliage, and the splash of … splash from the rain.

As you might guess, this photo was taken when I was a passenger in the car.

I have loads of rain-related photos in my photo library, so it was a tough choice what to post for this week’s friday foto finder theme of rain. Of course, I have already posted rain photos many times, such as:

It would seem that I enjoy taking photos of raindrops, at least as much as I enjoy taking photos of snow. What can I say? Rain drops and rivulets offer such intriguing examples of refraction and distorted reflections.

4 responses to “another rain-streaked window (friday foto finder: rain)

  1. i like this.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. Great shot!

  3. Love the photo. Imagine, I couldn’t find a single rain pic in my archive – lots with snow, though. :)

  4. What a perfect capture. Something we all see but never notice. You have shown us something special.

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