3 rusty dumpsters

I love the patterns often formed by peeling paint and rust. With their constant exposure to the elements, along with the rough treatment they receive due to their function in the world, the outside surfaces of dumpsters are often home to particularly fascinating non-objective compositions.¹

Here are 3 dumpsters I have come across in the past few years.²

¹ In posting this, I realize that may well have now proven to many of you that I am completely insane. That may well be, but I assure you that I am quite harmless.
² The two blue ones are in parking lots where I park frequently. I can’t remember where the green one was.

10 responses to “3 rusty dumpsters

  1. I love these. I get fascinated by details like this too! I’m glad you captured the interesting textures and shapes. The first two look especially abstract.

  2. Nice! I feel the same about crumbly walls in Sevilla.

  3. Cool Beans. Or should I say, Cool Rust?

  4. Reblogged this on Shutter to Imagine and commented:
    Rusty? Check. Fragrant? Check. Hard-working? Check. Unappreciated? Check, check. Beautiful art? Check and check it out! Who would have thought dumpsters could be so interesting, so lovely?! Alejna over at Collecting Tokens, that’s who! A blog is nothing if not both fine and trashy; props to the proprietor for these rough-about-the-edges shots!

  5. i love your insanity. a lot.

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  7. Number two! [she exhales a dreamy sigh]

  8. And the third one looks like a mupper monster face.

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