3 storm drains

Here are 3 storm drain grates I’ve come across in the past year.

Sidewalk, New York City, NY. March 2102.

Parking lot, Milford, MA. May, 2012

Parking lot, Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, NY. November, 2012.

16 responses to “3 storm drains

  1. And also in 2102? Awesome.

    Really love the leaves in the last image.

    • Ha! You know, I make that typo so often, I can’t even see it! Even in your comment, I read it at first as “2012.” Or maybe I really did travel 90 years into the future…

  2. Great. That last one looks like nomen est omen, no? It certainly seems to be in the right place. :)

  3. I’ve always wanted to photograph the drain in the floor of my dentist’s rest room. Sounds wacky, of course. But it is interesting like the ones that you’ve captured. Maybe the next time I go I’ll think to do it. You’ve inspired me.

  4. Nice trio! I feel like I may have seen some photogenic drains at some point too. I’ll have to try to think where.

  5. i love those. i think they’d be nice framed up as a triptych.

  6. These are great shots, just the sort of things that makes me reach for my camera too.

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