Saving All My Pants For You - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
This edition of National Pants Radio is dedicated to those who seriously love pants: a playlist of classic pants songs to fit all body types.

  • All You Need Is Pants – The Beatles
    However, shirts and shoes are also required for service in most establishments.
  • Pants Me Two Times – The Doors
    Pants me once, shame on you. Pants me twice, shame on me.
  • Pants Will Keep Us Together – Captain and Tennille
    Especially if they are stitched well.
  • Pants Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
    At the seams.
  • Can’t Buy Me Pants – Beatles
    I’m not buying that. Money can buy many things. Even pants.
  • Making Pants Out of Nothing at All – Air Supply
    Would these be invisible pants?
  • Do You Believe In Pants? – Huey Lewis & the News
    Yup. Except maybe the invisible ones.
  • You Give Pants a Bad Name – Bon Jovi
    That style is really unflattering.
  • You’ve Got to Hide Your Pants Away – The Beatles
    Just toss them in the hamper.
  • Tainted Pants – Soft Cell
    I don’t even want to know what those stains are.
  • Where Did Our Pants Go – The Supremes
    Did you check the dryer?
  • A Man Without Pants – Engelbert Humperdinck
    Is he, by any chance, wearing a trenchcoat?
  • Need Your Pants So Bad – Fleetwood Mac
    Um, I’m using them right now. Can’t you get your own?
  • They’ll Never Take Her Pants From Me – Elvis Costello
    That’s just creepy.
  • Addicted To Pants – Robert Palmer
    You and me both, Robert. Better than heroin, though. Or leggings.
  • The Power of Pants – Huey Lewis and The News
    Sustainable. Renewable. Fashionable.
  • Saving All My Pants For You – Whitney Houston
    Um, thanks. I’ll be sure to make space in my closet.

Today marks the 6th anniversary of this blog and a special day for me to reflect on the meaning of pants.

8 responses to “Saving All My Pants For You

  1. Happy Anniversary! I still remember that fateful day you said the words “I’m thinking of starting a blog..” (really, I do remember it)

    • Thanks, b! That’s so funny that you remember me talking about it. I don’t entirely remember. Was a phone conversation? I kinda remember standing in my basement and talking about it. Was I in the basement and on the phone with you?

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary to Little Miss Fancy Pants!

  3. Happy Blogthday! Or, rather, Happy Pantsday? No, wait, Pantsy Blogthday! Hmm. None of those seem ideal, but you know what I mean.

    I hope that Bizarre Pants Triangle by New Order (my laundry folding needs work, I guess) and Who Needs Pants Like That by Erasure (because skinny jeans are not actually flattering for all of us) can make it onto the playlist.

    • Thanks, Sally! I kinda like Pantsy Blogthday. But maybe that’s because I’m not trying to say it out loud.

      I was hoping people would add to the list! So many pants songs to enjoy. I did consider New Order’s Bizarre Pants Triangle (such a great song), but it didn’t make the finished list. (The first version was crazy long. I do love my pants. But not everyone wants to read a 50-item list of pants, it would seem.)

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