path (friday foto finder)

This week’s friday foto finder theme is “path.” Archie has been hitting on a string of themes that work really well with my photo collection. Once again, I had dozens of photos with paths to choose from. (And they were easy to find as “paths & roads” is one of my tags I use in iPhoto.) I settled on this pair, and was amused to find that they were taken 6 years ago to the day. (And further, this day happens to be John’s birthday.) These were taken at Storm King Art Center, a large sculpture park near my in-laws’.

To see what paths others have wandered, please pay a visit to the friday foto finder blog.

7 responses to “path (friday foto finder)

  1. Ooh, pretty! And happy birthday to John!

  2. Feliz Cumpleaños, Juan!
    My path is also in Spanish…

  3. I like the shadows on the path in the second photo. Lovely.

  4. Wonderful. Especially with the trees turning.

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