3 fruit silhouettes

Here are 3 pictures of fruits I have taken over several years.
Apples, from October, 2008. (In a Massachusetts apple orchard.)

Oranges, from September, 2009. (In Sevilla, Spain.)

Unknown type of berries¹, a few days ago. (In Massachusetts.)

¹ I really wish I’d had recent access to a banana tree, since that would make a better set. The last time I saw one was probably in Brazil in 1991, and I didn’t get any photos. But I do like the berries.

8 responses to “3 fruit silhouettes

  1. I love this series. Bananas would be nice too, but the berries are pretty damn cool. Are they edible?

  2. These are delightful photos. How fun to find out that you have a photo theme going & you didn’t even know it!

    • I confess that I was aware of the photo theme for a while. I knew I had the apples and oranges, but I seem to be drawn to groups of 3! I finally had a suitable third. And actually I like it better than the first 2!

  3. Love the berries too. Hey you should join in Archie’s “friday foto finder”…

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