Spring is here.

14 responses to “Spring is here.

  1. Can’t argue with you there…

  2. *tee-hee* Good one.

  3. ha ha ha ha…cool spring

  4. but if the spring has sprung, where has it sprung from and what piece of mechanical equipment is now BROKEN?

  5. Ggggg BOING.

  6. Love, love, love. You know my middle is obsessed with springs?

  7. :) Yay for spring(s)!
    I like the lack of sense of scale in the photo. Your response to Magpie indicates that it is a very small spring indeed!

  8. You got a giggle out of me. :)

  9. ‘here’ being a deictic word, i’d have to argue that spring is in fact there.

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