My post of last night, with my flourishing root vegetables, reminded me of a painting I did in an art class a number of years ago. (I think that number may be greater than 10.) I can’t remember what the class was, as I had many classes with the same teacher over several years. For this particular assignment, though, we were to paint something in response to a poem my teacher read to the class. The poem was one by her husband, a poet, and involved memories of his mother and potatoes. (Sadly, I don’t have a copy of the poem, nor do I remember the title.)

Here is what my brain cooked up:

The Potato Madonna

The painting is somewhat modelled after Medieval or Renaissance Madonnas. It wasn’t quite finished, as I’d originally imagined a more ornamental/ornate background. It’s been sitting in my basement for quite a few years, and has curved in the dampness. This was before I started stretching my own canvas, and would just buy whatever cheap canvas or canvas boards. Cheap canvas boards really don’t last well. On the other hand, I think the wrinkling and the warping rather suit the subject matter. As does the musty basement smell…

7 responses to “unearthed

  1. I really like that painting.

  2. So do I!
    Also (free association time while I procrastinate on making 3 different kinds of cranberry sauce), potatoes! There is a great, extremely silly song about them:
    Someone made a one-minute video that doesn’t include all the verses but at least gives you a sense of what it sounds like:

  3. The Potato Madonna! Love that.

    Also, happy that someone (Sally) is also having three kinds of cranberry sauce.

  4. I’m always tickled at how your brain works.

    KayTar asked me if that painting was the Mona Lisa.

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  6. I love the roots. And the expression on the woman’s face is disturbing, which makes me wonder about the poem that inspired it.

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