eleven elevens

It’s 11:11 on 11/11/11. Here are 11 elevens.

одиннадцать,onze, once, elf, elva,११, XI

9 responses to “eleven elevens

  1. yay! this is excellent and eleveny! Happy 11/11/11!

  2. Fun!

    I’m taking a medical writing course this semester and we read a paper about common pharmaceutical errors in communication, and a HUGE one is when pharmacists write “Take once daily” on a Spanish-speaking person’s medication bottle. It means one time in English, but eleven times in Spanish! Huge and dangerous difference there. Anyway, now “once” always makes me think of that.

  3. Well done. :o)

    Kyla – holy crap! I’ve never thought of that…..

  4. Very geeky indeed. I posted my 11/11/11 content today. I decided to remember 11 things about my kid.

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