self-portrait, as drawn on a paper diner placemat on the occasion of the artist’s third birthday

I think it’s a pretty good portrait. Here is a photographic portrait of the artist by the artist’s mother, taken under poor quality diner light.

(As you can see, he’s grown quite a bit since his first appearance.)

And here’s a short video to document the excitement Theo had about the day:

(Hong Kong recaps will hopefully be coming soon. I owe YTSL at least one quality photo essay from our hike together! But for now I am too wiped out, and haven’t had a lot of time to do much of anything since my return other than catch up with the kids (yesterday), and commute for a work meeting (today) followed by taking the kids to Phoebe’s karate class, then Phoebe to an extra violin lesson, and then dinner out for Theo’s birthday.)

8 responses to “self-portrait, as drawn on a paper diner placemat on the occasion of the artist’s third birthday

  1. So cute!
    And that’s a great self-portrait. I can see the resemblance between the drawing and the photo. The nose and the smile are definitely recognizable.

  2. Where are my manners?
    Happy birthday Theo!

  3. Happy birthday, T.!

  4. Hi Alejna —

    Glad to know that you’re safely back home. Are you hunkering down for the hurricane? And trust it’s correct to assume that you and your loved ones made it through the earthquake fine!

    As for more Hong Kong-themed entries for you: I’m patient… but hope they will appear before too long.

    And happy birthday to Theo. :)

  5. That’s too cute! I love how Phoebe seems to know it’s Theo’s birthday more than he does.

  6. Is that big circle the O for the end of his name? If so, I really love that.

    Happy birthday to him!

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