night and day

I’ve now been in Hong Kong a whole week, and I have so much to write about that I don’t see how I can share it all while I’m still here. Instead, I will just offer a little teaser: This has been a trip of contrasts.

Central and Admiralty districts, Hong Kong Island, as seen from a godawful touristy harbour cruise by night.

Sai Kung district, New Territories, Hong Kong, as seen from the tail end of a breathtaking hiking trail by day.

I have two days left, one of which (today) will almost entirely be taken up by the conference. The “almost” part is only because I have decided that I’ll probably need to ditch the conference for a couple of hours to fit in a last coffee date with one of my local friends. Tomorrow I have reserved for going to Macau.

8 responses to “night and day

  1. Both are beautiful, though.

  2. Great pictures even though the touristy cruise was awful. I cannot believe you were able to find a hiking trail in HK!

  3. Both of those pictures are beautiful. One day I may be able to visit Hong Kong. Until the I can only see it through others eyes.

  4. Wow. Great pictures! You have definitely captured some striking contrasts.

  5. ah, take it all in.

  6. I hope you are getting a little enjoyment around the conference demands!

  7. Feeling decidedly teased!

  8. well at least the awful tour yeilded a great photo

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