I’ve landed

I’m in Hong Kong now. Woohoo! But I need to try to get some sleep so I can start exploring for real tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos.

A view from the plane. The pilot was considerate enough to approach not only from an angle that gave my seat a good view, but also one that I can easily match up with the maps I’ve been looking at. We’ve got the Wan Chai district running along the top of the lower landmass, and Kowloon across the water. I am staying in Wan Chai, just a bit left of center, apparently quite near that fairly tall building with a spire.

A view from my 20th floor window. (See the spiky building?)

8 responses to “I’ve landed

  1. Wow. Keep those photos coming.

  2. Ooooh! You were lucky to have such a kind pilot! Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the way you took an angle.

  4. Awesome!! Have a great time.

  5. Hi Alejna —

    The first photo is stunning — love that it show the harbour, built up bits *and* surrounding greenery.

    Re the spiky building: FYI, that’s Central Plaza (which despite its name, is indeed located in Wan Chai). :)


  6. Wow. That is one of the best pictures taken from a commercial plane that I have ever seen! Thanks to the nice pilot indeed!

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