Project 365: a few of my favorite photos (part 2)

Here is the next big batch of my favorite photos that I took during my year of daily photo-taking. These are from the second 6 months, listed by month, along with the theme I chose for that month. (Favorites from the first 6 months can be found here.)

Month 7: color

190:365 After an icestorm

199:365 Snow cone

206:365 Hydrant

Month 8: shape(s)

235:365 The mega moon

month 9: texture

249:365 Fountain of Youth. (Title credit goes to my mother. Photo taken at my cousin’s wedding reception.)

253:365 Chain link curtain

254:365 Tissue rose

262:365 Dandelion macro

272:365 Flower in a mandarin orange

month 10: perspective

282:365 Phoebe among the dandelions

303:365 Stack of fruit

month 11: people

312:365 Confrontation in blue (aka “Donkey Darko”)

321:365 Washing hands at a farm

337:365 A flower for you

month 12: tired of themes

342:365 Cars on the driveway

343:365 Stairwell at MIT. (Taken with my iPod, and largely unedited.)

349:365 taken with my iPod, and filtered in Instagram

354:365 Theo telling Grampa about the fireflies

355:365 Picnic at the rest area

358:365 Peacock, up close

8 responses to “Project 365: a few of my favorite photos (part 2)

  1. Great to finally know what all the themes were for the second half of the year! I hadn’t actually guessed any of those, but I also hadn’t tried very hard. Fabulous photos, though. Especially Phoebe among the dandelions; the giant moon; the ice storm; and the triangular staircase.

  2. You are so talented. But I’ve said that before.

  3. I love the mixed perspective of Phoebe amid the giant dandelions.

  4. Wow! I can’t stop looking at this. Your photography is pure poetry.

  5. That cars on the driveway photo looks like it’s constantly coming into focus. Weird. Also, my Donkey Darko title didn’t win for the blue photo? I demand a recount!

  6. I love so many of these. It is a pleasure to see things through your eyes.

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