Project 365: a few of my favorite photos (part 1)

I wrapped up Project 365 a few days ago, and have a really long, rambling summary post in the works. (I bet you can’t wait!) However, seeing as it was a photography project, I thought I should post “a few” of my favorite photos from the year. And seeing as I had trouble picking, “a few” apparently means “a number so large that I should probably not try to squeeze them all into one post.” So, I’ve split them. Here are some from the first 6 months, listed by month. I’ve even listed my monthly themes, which I haven’t really shared before.¹

Month 1: reflections

011:365 New York City building reflections

019:365 Inside and outside, at my in-laws’

028:365 Rain drops on the train window

Month 2: shadows

043:365 Shadow of a lightbulb

045:365 Floating bike rack

062:365 Menacing bunny slipper

Month 3: Text

072:365 Up

090:365 Wood, stone

091:365 No trespassing

Month 4: motion blur

107:365 flashing light ring in motion

110:365 My Docs

111:365 Comparing apples to oranges

Month 5: light(s)

126:365 Silhouette

132:365 Compact fluorescent

138:365 tail lights through rainy windshield

139:365 Burnt out

Month 6: patterns

154:365 Milk crates in snow

170:335 Orange cones at the SFO airport Bart station

¹I wondered if people would be able to guess…

11 responses to “Project 365: a few of my favorite photos (part 1)

  1. Oooh, I’m glad you’re posting these here. These are so cool. I especially like how you incorporate themes from other months sometimes, like in 072. Or better, 043: Light(bulb), shadow, AND reflection!

  2. These are fantastic. You could SELL them. (I’d buy ’em. If I had any money, that is.)

  3. I realized that I have been stealing your ideas now when I take photos. Just observing you that one day in Chicago has greatly improved how I take photos myself!

  4. You have a great eye for unique shots! I veer toward people/children and forget about how interesting non-living things can be in photography.

  5. love seeing these all together. lots of wit and beauty on display.

  6. Your pictures always wow me. So great to see so many of them together!

  7. Fascinating job. But the question that burns in my mind is, “do you have tiny little baby feet?”

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