looking through the glass

Just as I was getting ready to go pick up the kids this afternoon, I took a drink of water. Looking through my glass as I drank, I thought, as I often do, how cool the distortions looked. I had a couple minutes to spare, so I thought I’d see if I could capture what I was seeing.

Here is the glass on the counter. I used this to gauge the distance for focusing on the bottom of the glass.

Then I held up the glass to look out the window.

I love how changing the angle of the glass a bit changes the scene. (Especially with that big drip of water rolling around in the glass…)

Just about everything looks more interesting. Case in point: the dirty dishes in the sink.

Then I grabbed this stray wine glass from the counter, where it’s been sitting for no good reason ever since its failed appearance at the yard sale fiasco.

I was thinking about dropping it off with my next donation run, but I may have to use it for a few more photos, first.

‘Cause, ooooh, swirly!

(I’ve been trying to catch my breath, and get caught up with things beyond breathing. It was a crazy couple of weeks with lots of time away from home. We are back home for a bit.)

19 responses to “looking through the glass

  1. Oooh. Swirly! Life, right?

  2. Oooh, I love it. I never notice things like this, Alejna; it’s one reason I always come by your blog!

  3. Wow! What great photos! I especially like the swirly ones, but I agree about the dirty dishes looking better through the glass. I should try that myself.

    • I do recommend looking at dirty dishes and other messes through thick glass. It’s very transformative. Maybe I should get thick glass, or even swirly-lensed, eyeglasses. That way the mess will look pretty, and not stress me out.

  4. Was it intentional that the title of this post is a rearrangement of Through the Looking Glass?

  5. You are aso very talented. I love these photos.

  6. That’s SO very talented. Gag.

  7. I officially hate auto correct.

  8. What are you taking and where can I get some?

  9. love the wine glass. you’ve got to find a way to prop it up and take pictures without your hand. not that your hand isn’t lovely. ;)

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