Caption, anyone?

Since this photo came up in the comments of my sort of non-post last night, I thought I would share it. Before I go and ruin things by explaining my motivations for this shot, does anyone want to have a go at giving it a caption or story?

7 responses to “Caption, anyone?

  1. “Insomnia”

  2. Or maybe a gender-reversed Midsummer Night’s Dream?

  3. No, Rody, I don’t know what happened to your pal.

  4. It’s the ghost of Christmas past.

  5. Either that, or you sold that horse in the garage sale and yet SOMEHOW it came B A C K !

  6. Donkey Darko

    (note, I haven’t seen the actual film I’m riffing on, so if I just implied something insulting/obscene, I plead ignorance)

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