…and now I’m even older.

For your enjoyment: They Might be Giants singing “Older.” And puppets. (via bittertwee.)

Warning: This song will get stuck in your head.¹

I realized that this would have been something good to post on my birthday, but seeing as I am now even older than I was then, it works just as well. (Though if I waited till tomorrow, I’d be even older.)

¹ Also, you will be older by the end of the song than you were at the beginning of the song.

4 responses to “…and now I’m even older.

  1. .. annnd the song is now stuck back in my head, and I didn’t even play it this time. Evil! (and I guess my fault, technically). I’d write more but I’m getting older as I type– must stop.

  2. I think I have an aneurysm.

  3. That slew me.

  4. Time may pass, but TMBG will never get old. Well, at least their music won’t. Thank you!

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