I should probably post something…

…seeing as I just said yesterday that I’d be posting every day this month. And today is the second of the month. So here are a bunch of photos I took on Monday, during the drive back from my in-laws’.


Reflected bridge.

Pretty prison.

Truck with intriguing big tubes.

They look like they will be part of a building, somehow.

Something about these stacked round things made me think of Vienna sausages packed in a can. Except really big. And green. (Which would be really, really gross for Vienna sausages.) (Especially given that they are pretty gross on their own.)

They turned out to be tanks, and not sausages at all.

3 responses to “I should probably post something…

  1. These are great photos, with very funny commentary.

    I’m glad they were tanks and not giant green Vienna sausages!

  2. Love the photos…and yes! They do look like Vienna sausages! Josh loves those things. Blech!

  3. Hope your husband was doing the driving, ha ha ha. Visualizing you driving and photographing is rather unnerving. (I love the mirror photo.)

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