balancing acts

I have a work deadline tonight, so shouldn’t be blogging this evening. However, I have a few minutes left of my train ride home, so thought I would share this picture I took a few days ago. I also had this wacky idea of trying to post every day this month. And this being the first of the month, it seemed a good place to start with that goal. I’m not sure how all this will fit together, as I have a busy month planned ahead…

5 responses to “balancing acts

  1. Great shot! You’re so fun.

  2. I just put down my banana… or maybe it’s my orange. Which one represents grad school?

  3. Cool pic! I’m going to try blogging every day this month, too, because it’s my birth month and I’m starting a writing schedule and doing something like this will help me.

  4. Fun photo! I’ve been enjoying the optical illusion photos on your photostream. :) This one is especially pleasing.

  5. I’m so confused. That’s a very big lime.

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