thanks accepted here

Speaking of ambiguity

This was a sign outside a local catering/takeout business I came across a few weeks ago. It made my day. (And I swear I that this was the way I found it. No punctuation marks were stolen in the creation of this image.)

5 responses to “thanks accepted here

  1. Sometimes I appreciate being given an order or two so I know what I am doing. Just want to let you know I do read your post every day and I enjoy the pictures a lot. (And will you ever tell us how you do the LIGHTS?)

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!!

  2. i want that job- accepting the thanks.

    but I’d take the giving orders as a second choice

  3. Wow, this is classic! It just made my day, too!

  4. I actually sent the link to this post to my brother, who showed it to everyone at Thanksgiving. It was a big hit! And I think it sparked a conversation about punctuation.

  5. I also enjoy accepting thanks and giving orders. LOL.

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