Worms are overrated.

The early bird catches the worm. But sometimes, the night owl catches the early bird for a tasty midnight snack.

For the past several years, after reading all sorts of hoopla and general excitement over BlogHer, the big annual blogging conference, I have really wanted to go. But the timing has never worked out for me to make the big trip. This year the conference is scheduled for New York City. That’s practically next door to me here in Massachusetts. I was sure I would go.

But then, as it usually does, life interfered. Other stuff distracted. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage the trip, so I put things off. By the time I got around to realizing that I really wanted to attend, the conference was sold out. I put my name on the waitlist, but months later I still heard nothing.

Then a couple of days ago, I really got a bee in my bonnet about going. So I decided to look into it, and found a message board of people who’d registered, but couldn’t attend, and were selling their tickets. I emailed a few people. In the end, I scored a ticket, and managed to get the registration transfered over to my name yesterday, the last possible day to do so.

I am going to BlogHer.

Take that, early birds.

The stack of 'business' cards I made to bring with me to BlogHer. (Calling cards? Blogging cards?)

(Of course, I am still trying to work out the details of where I’ll be staying. The early birds are all now peacefully slumbering in the knowledge that they have already figured out their travel plans. I squawk in their general direction.)

22 responses to “Worms are overrated.

  1. awww, man! Have fun!

  2. I always said, when it’s in NY, I’ll go. But when there is no support for blogging (especially in a house with young kids) it’s hard to get away.

    Have a grand time.

  3. Have fuuuuuun! :)

  4. YOU WERE MEANT TO GO! Have fun :)

  5. Now I’m really bummed I’m not going! Have fun for me!

  6. I love your cards! “Stunt procrastinator’ cracked me up.

    (Are they ‘clicking cards’? Maybe ‘visiting cards.’)

    This is the first year I’ve wanted to go. If the conference were anywhere on the west coast, I’d figure out a way to get there… Have a beer for me!

  7. ps I first read your title as ‘women are overrated.’ Now you have to write that post, too : )

  8. The cards are inspired! Nice plug for Just Posts too.

  9. Have a great time at BlogHer. Early on during my blogging days, I would regularly check out the BlogHer website but don’t any more… maybe after reading about the conference, I might change my mind.

  10. I’m so glad you are there. Having fun reading the Blog Her tweets from home. Have you met The Bloggess yet?

    Your cards are fabulous!

  11. nice cards.

    i just missed you. left NYC on Friday. didn’t even realize that I was missing out on Blogher until just before meeting up with Magpie on Tuesday for lunch. ahhh…well. hope you’re having fun.

  12. I am glad you came! I loved meeting you!!

  13. I AM GLAD YOU MADE IT! Yes, take that worms!

  14. I drew that little birdie. It makes my heart all aflutter to see it on a business card. I hope you had fun. I am still hoping to meet you in the near future.

  15. I really enjoyed talking with you. Even better that we got to leave the hotel together.

  16. I’m so glad you went to Blogher and I got to meet you. I count myself extra lucky.

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