an afternoon in early spring

These are some photos I took a month ago, hanging out in the yard with Theo one afternoon while Phoebe was at her karate class with John. (Have I mentioned that Phoebe started karate classes over the summer?)

22 responses to “an afternoon in early spring

  1. I like the creative perspective the hands and acorn tops offer–nicely done.

  2. I loved the climb into the chair, twinkling eyes and hand caressed acorn caps.

  3. I am struck by all the different blues in the first two photos, and Theo’s lovely windswept hair in the second one –plus the cute owl T-shirt.

    • My sister is responsible for the owl shirt. I love it, too. It’s getting too small, but I still stick it on him. (But I figure Theo can get away with showing some belly.)

  4. I love it when the moss puts up those little hairy things.

  5. Theo’s cute and Phoebe sounds like she’s on her way to being a kick ass femme! :D

  6. I love that he is collecting acorn caps. :-)

  7. He looks a lot like you! And he is adorable.

  8. He is so cute. I love the little hands photo.

    • Oh, and can you please put the “subscribe by email” widget in your sidebar? Thx!

      • Okay, az. I have complied with your request. (Out of curiosity, why did you want it there? Are you planning on subscribing by email?)

        And yeah, it’s a great shirt, isn’t it?

  9. I LOVE the one with his hair blowing in the wind and the one where it looks like he is striking a pose on the chair. How cute. Sometimes it’s so nice to get one on one time with them.

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