talking tomatoes

We’re in the kitchen eating breakfast. Phoebe gets up to use the bathroom.

Phoebe: Don’t eat all the pear while I’m gone!
Me: I won’t. What if I eat all the oatmeal?
Phoebe: Don’t eat all the oatmeal! I want some.
Me: What if I eat all the sassafrass?
Phoebe: I don’t think we have any sassafrass.
Me: What if I eat all the… tomatillos?
Phoebe: I don’t think he would like that.
Me: [?] Tomatillo is a kind of tomato.
Phoebe: …that they eat in Spain?
Me: Does it sound like a Spanish word to you?
Phoebe: Yes.
Me: You’re right. It is a Spanish word.
Phoebe: Then they must be in Spain!
Me: I’m not actually sure. You know, there are other places in the world where they speak Spanish.
Phoebe: Tomatoes don’t speak!

Phoebe enjoys her breakfast with pears, oatmeal and reference-resolution adventures.

11 responses to “talking tomatoes

  1. Tomatoes don’t speak, true. But I’ve heard that you can have one heck of a conversation with zucchini.

  2. i love kid conversations.

  3. I am coveting her wisdom and her beautiful long eyelashes!

  4. Oh, that made me laugh!

  5. I guess she takes after her mother! Very linguistically astute.

  6. I happen to prefer tête-à-têtes with my tangerines. Just haven’t had any luck with the tomatoes or the tomatillos.

    Love this conversation. Would so like to have been in on the little thought twist that led to, “I don’t think he would like that.”

  7. we re frequently admonished to not eat all of something… MQ is always concerned she won’t get seconds.

  8. Kids – good for entertainment 90% of the time! :-)

  9. And she IS right! :-)

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