Theo’s World

Taken this summer, before Theo could walk.

18 responses to “Theo’s World

  1. Wow! Spectacular!

    Did you fiddle with the color?

    • Thanks, Sally! And yup, I did fiddle with the color. The original had lots of very saturated bright greens (which in part was due to the camera I was using then), so I toned the greens down and warmed the colors up. (I was also trying to evoke a specific palette…)

  2. that picture says at least two thousand words, few of which Theo could put together.

  3. Oh! That picture, and the title especially, says it all. I LOVE IT.

  4. Beautifully done. Love his sweet little head, especially.

  5. Oh, you are a clever one. . . !


  6. Oh, that is excellent.

  7. Great picture. One for the ages. :)

  8. I love this, love the reference to the painting, love the way that Theo evokes longing even though we can’t see his face, love that Phoebe is in the sun and Theo’s in the shade … oh, so much to love!

  9. I love this one. Is it wrong of me to really want to reach into my monitor and touch that sweet sweet cowlick of his? awww…

  10. Love this, and especially the kodachrome effect you achieved!

  11. I want to sneak up and blow a raspberry on the back of that little neck. :o)

    You’re going to have a heckuva time keeping up with him *this* summer! :o)

  12. that’s an amazing and wonderful photo.

  13. Incredible photo and you just got the absolute right angle and colors (even if you fiddled with it). Lovely work.

    I came from Slouchy’s. ;-)

  14. That picture is so beautiful.

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