The Lawn in Winter

Did you notice how my photos from that last post had no children in them? I just figured I would post some photos that weren’t of a) my children or b) food or c) my children eating food.

But I can’t hold out long. Here are a bunch of photos of Phoebe and Theo playing in our yard this winter.

This was Monday.

You’ll notice that not all of the lawn has snow.

These were from a few weeks ago.

Back in December, we got a goodly amount of snow, and our lawn looked more like this:

Phoebe, our little penguin, loved playing in the deep snow.

Theo, not so much.

It’s snowing right now, and we’re supposed to get around a foot of accumulation. So far it’s just a dusting.

17 responses to “The Lawn in Winter

  1. Could we expect more adorable pictures of your kids in the snow after today then? :-)

    • Well, we didnt’ get too much, in the end. Only about an inch and a half. But perhaps there will be photos anyhow. (Actually, I did get some photos from early evening. John and Phoebe even made a snowman while Theo stood by looking miserable.)

  2. You are obligated to post pictures of your adorable children. And I got a nice little chuckle out of your post title, too.

  3. The kid pics are great (as are the previous post pics as are the scones which actually don’t look like stones when viewed on a full sized computer screen). (phew)

    You have excellent taste in winter hats btw. My mom always calls them toboggans as do I, but I know that drives some people crazy…the idea of a sled on your head.

    The last photo of Theo makes me laugh.

    • I’d never heard of hats being called toboggans. Funny. And I’m someone who has worn a sled on my head, too.

      I do have fun with winter hats. The deer one was one I got in Japan before I even had kids!

  4. Poor Theo! Don’t worry, only about 17 more years and then you can move to California!

    And yes, I agree, these are adorable photographs of cute children wearing great hats!

  5. So cute! Both of ours were happy in it, even EK who didn’t even have real snowpants!

    • I think that Theo is happier to play in the snow now that he can wear snowpants. (I found the ones that our house had eaten!) He doesn’t like being cold, but he still wants to play outside. Last night he was miserable and whining when we were outside, but then indicated that he wanted to go back out when we came back in…

  6. more snow equals happy phoebe, sad theo?

  7. No pants in your last post either…

  8. Is “snowpants” really one single word?! (I was wondering this idly, but then realized the Pants Expert was the person to ask.

  9. Wish I had snow! :(

  10. You can cover your posts in photos of your adorable kids anytime you like. The last one of Theo gave me such a good laugh.

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