the yard in winter

12 responses to “the yard in winter

  1. I love these. They remind me that there is still life and hope in the hardest of winter.

  2. Very nice … especially from a safe distance. ;)

  3. Distinct contrasts and delightfully bright images. It gives me inspiration to do an art piece on icicles.
    Amazing you have hidden columns in your yard. The fourth image seems to evoke sounds of a trumpet.

  4. These are spectacular photos, love the dof in the first and second to last photos.

  5. goooooooooooorgeous

  6. It looks sunny there. Is it sunny? Because I did not move to Virginia to get all this snow and rain. My parents in Upstate NY have gotten less snow than me in Southeastern VA this year.

    I love your icicles though…and the snow…in pictures.

  7. Very beautiful photos! Inspiring me to get out my camera…

    And I agree with everyone who says they enjoy these photos of winter from a distance. :)

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  9. These are great pictures.

  10. Wow, that third photo is so beautiful! They’re all great, but that third one rocks me.

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