Today’s forecast

Hour-by-hour forecast for Thursday, January 21

2:00 a.m. 95% chance of baby wakefulness
3:00 a.m. continued baby wakefulness with intermittent parental snoozes
4:00 a.m. continued baby wakefulness with intermittent parental outbursts
5:00 a.m. 85% chance of fitful slumber, punctuated by dreams of wakefulness
6:00 a.m. 99% chance of beeping alarm clock, chance of snooze button 100%
7:00 a.m. Blustery tempers and high-speed chases, chance of toddler eye precipitation 98%
8:00 a.m. Frosty windshield combined with hot tempers lead to isolated storms
9:00 a.m. 80% chance of showers skipped
10:00 a.m. 75% chance of feeling snowed over

Mood likely will continue to be partly cloudy throughout the day, with scattered thoughts and intermittent storms of crankiness.

Image from wpclipart.

11 responses to “Today’s forecast

  1. And you’ve chosen to have two children in relatively quick succession… you’re clearly made of stronger stuff than me, Alejna!

  2. How can you still be so clever on so little sleep?

    Hope you get some shut eye tonight, or perhaps even this afternoon.

  3. Well do I remember that weather pattern. Major downer expected about 5:00 pm?
    Hang in there! They grow up. At which point the report switches to
    3:00 am major worrying continuing until morning.

    Hugs !!!!!

  4. Oh wow, I just got a million posts updated in Bloglines from you.

    Also: I remember that kind of forecast! Ugh.

  5. Wow. Here it’s -1.

  6. This is hilarious–and sad. I’m going to send the link to all my friends with babies.

  7. How did you know? That is uncanny. Seriously. That has been the recurring situation at my house this week.

  8. Awww … (funny though)

  9. {{{{hugs}}} Hoping for more sunshine for you this weekend. I know this is cheesy, but you do know that rainbows come after showers, right? ;-)

  10. good thing you’ve got humor to help you through the day!

  11. You are so funny!

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