Jingle bells.

12 responses to “Jingle bells.

  1. Uh… you filmed that? You’re so funny.

  2. I, too, love the fact that you filmed it.

    And your little Ikea chair.

  3. They are so adorable! Even when they are crying and being mean. :-) Merry Christmas!!

  4. I love how she looked at you to see if you’d intervene! And you didn’t, so she was free to jingle away.

  5. After watching that scene, I now feel guilty for my older-sisterly meanness to my little brother!

  6. i love that you just record it for posterity. ;)

  7. Love the bit where she jingles the bells behind her back … sooooooo evil!

  8. In Phoebe’s defense, Theo had just taken the bells from her before this scene. So she is somewhat justified in her annoyance. The malicious jingling, though, was perhaps crueller than warranted. (Az, I’m glad you enjoyed the bit where she jingles behind her back, too.)

    In my defense, this was not the movie I intended to film. (I was trying for heartwarming cuteness! Witness the festive outfits!) But I was entirely thwarted. And then I was really amused by the resulting movie.

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  10. Excellent, and oh so heartwarming.

  11. Phoebe and Gabi would get along like jingling gangbusters. This scene loops on itself all the live long day in my house.

    Very cute Santa babies you have there.

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