rushing by in a blur

Time has been running away from me again. I’m rather in denial that it’s already November, that Thanksgiving is a week away. In my mind, Summer has barely ended. Theo just had his birthday, and we just got back from Spain a few days ago. The calendar tells a different story, though, and the trees with their bare branches conspire.

The days and months rush by in a blur.


I took this series of photos last month (was it really already a month ago?) while heading home from some family excursion. (I wasn’t driving, mind you. I let Phoebe take the wheel so I could take pictures.)

7 responses to “rushing by in a blur

  1. I know that feeling… and those mesmerizing photos really capture it well! I especially like the last one. So abstract!

  2. I feel the same way this year. It’s just gone be so damn fast. Maybe next year will slow down? Snort…

  3. you’ve captured it perfectly. how can it be Nov 20 already? what happened to Sept and October?

  4. Great photos. Phoebe must be a good driver.

  5. I love blurry photos. :)

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