on the ball





It’s hard to stay on the ball with this daily posting…

9 responses to “on the ball

  1. But it’s a pretty happy ball, and I like that some of the spots on it match Phoebe’s equally happy outfit.

  2. Funny, I thought I’d set this to post at 11:30, but it must have been for 9:30. (I was worried I’d get caught up or fall asleep and forget to post. This was meant as an emergency backup post…)

  3. I feel your pain. I have no idea what to write for today.

  4. but these are GREAT shots!

  5. That is a gorgeous set of photos. If I were you I’d almost be tempted to have them on the wall as a set.

  6. So… is Phoebe a budding soccer player? Cool, if so! :)

  7. i’ve dedicated an pantsy poem to you at my place today

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