musical scales (PhotoHunt)

The theme for this week’s PhotoHunt is “music.”

These are photos I took of a dragon at the folk music festival in Lowell, Massachusetts.

In case you’re wondering why the dragon is “musical” (aside from being at a music festival), take a closer look at the dragon’s scales.




For more people’s interpretative dances to this week’s PhotoHunt music, stop by tnchick.

11 responses to “musical scales (PhotoHunt)

  1. very nice scales, are they CD? Did your dragon make firey music?

    Came via photohunt.

  2. Wow, that’s beautiful! I love art from recycled stuff.

  3. These photos are mesmerizing.

  4. Great shot. Must take up a lot of CD’s to create this dragon. Have a nice weekend. CY

  5. Soooo creative and cool — the dragon’s makers *and* your take on this week’s Photo Hunt theme! :)

  6. Musical scales! Double meaning! I love it.

  7. Oh, beautiful.

    Once upon a time, in our old apartment, we had a leak from the bathroom above, which, after the repairs, left a freshly plastered but unpainted spot on our ceiling. I convinced my husband to glue many old CDs on the ceiling – a silver cloud.

    [We glued them up with the printed surface up – mirror-y side down.]

  8. What an awesome creative dragon, and great pics too!

  9. I love this dragon. You should start a series, pairing this one with your Paris dragon!

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