The October Just Posts


Welcome to the October Just Posts, the latest edition of our monthly round-up of blog posts on topics of social justice. Holly and I appreciate your continued support.

This month’s nominators:

If you have a post in the list above, or would just like to support the Just Posts, we invite you to display a button on your blog with a link back here, or to the Just Posts at Cold Spaghetti. If you would like to have a post included next month, you can find out how to submit posts and all sorts of other stuff about the Just Posts at the information page.

justpostoctober2009 200px

5 responses to “The October Just Posts

  1. Thanks so much for the linkage. It’s such an honor.

  2. Excellent reading material.

  3. Wow! I write one serious post in a month of Sundays and you picked up on it. I’m really pleased that you did. Thanks!

  4. As ever, a great round-up.

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