lessons from the other side of the Street

Here’s a bit of “unnecessary censorship.”

This video taught me several important lessons:

    1) My mental age is 12.
    2) The videos I show Phoebe and Theo aren’t that far off from Sesame Street after all.
    3) I should be extra careful sending emails with silly youtube links late at night.
    4) The autofill function for the address field in my mail program is not always my friend.
    5) Especially since my spouse and my advisor have names that start with the same 2 letters.
    6) I am lucky that my advisor has a sense of humor.

Brought to you by the letter [bleep].

9 responses to “lessons from the other side of the Street

  1. I never could have imagined how sick Ses could be!

  2. What? No Bert and Ernie? Or is that too obvious?

  3. bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. I love unnecessary censoring! So, so funny.

    The oopsie email is hilarious. I bet he got a kick out of that email.

  5. Oh my gosh that is hilarious! Just goes to show, you can make anything look dirty.

  6. oh babe.

    i’ve freaking missed you.


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