Monday momentum


This task was completed as part of the Monday Missions. This week’s assignment was to post in the form of a tanga or a nonnet. Like Painted Maypole, the illustrious MM taskmaster herself, I put together a tanka tanga. And like Painted, I’m also hoping I’ll get around to trying my hand at the nonnet.

5 responses to “Monday momentum

  1. I came home today saying, “I can just say ‘no.’ ” I don’t want to start scurrying. If I start now, December will put me over the edge.

    I love these Tangas. Maybe enough to do it weekly. Perhaps a Tuesday Tanga?

  2. Awesome. I’m feeling that way today.

  3. That was a terrific tanga!

  4. excellent, and perfect with the picture. Yes, yes, de, do a Tuesday Tanga. Fun, fun.

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