I was quite shocked to see that today’s PhotoHunt theme was “nipples.” This is really quite a departure for this typically wholesome venture. I can work with it, though. I don’t like to think of myself as prudish.

What’s that you say?

Oh, ripples. With an R. That’s quite different.

Never mind.

So I guess I’ll share this photo instead, which is one of my favorite reflection shots. I took it in Providence back in 2005.


For more people flashing us their…um…ripples, go check out today’s PhotoHunt post at tnchick.

13 responses to “ripples

  1. LOL! Love your nipples. Um, I mean ripples.

  2. Tsk, tsk, Alejna… and yeah, ripples sure are tamer than nipples! :D

  3. very creative, I love the rippled effect of the reflection

  4. I like your text and not to forget a wonderful “nipple-free” photo;-))

  5. Ha!

    Oh, would that it had been nipples . . .

  6. some nipples have ripples. Oh, wait that’s ruffles. No, wait those have ridges. maybe the theme should be ridges.

    do you have any ruffles?

  7. Too funny. I got such a chuckle out of your intro. and the photo is really great. Makes me think it would make a killer jigsaw puzzle! I am flashing my “ripples” this week.

  8. I’m sure that Providence has seen its share of nipples…

    Mesmerizing shot.

  9. Did you know I used to live in PVD? So pretty.

  10. You have very beautiful, er, ripples. /;

  11. Aw, I loved Gilda Radner.

  12. Tracey-
    (Blush.) Thanks!

    Good thing, too!

    I’m glad you like it.

    Thanks, and thanks for your visit!

    Now I find myself wondering if I actually have any shots that would fit the nipple bill…

    I don’t think we have any potato chips at all. They tend not to survive long in our home.

    Thanks, and thanks for coming by! And yeah, that would be quite a dizzying jigsaw puzzle.

    Is it Providence that’s known as the City of Nipples?

    I either missed or forgot that you used to live in Providence. When was that? I lived there from ’89 to ’95. (It’s where I was an undergrad.) The city, especially the downtown area, has really changed a lot since then.

    I’m glad you like them! I don’t show them off every day, you know.

    I was wondering if anyone would get that! I actually wrote the whole thing without thinking of her, but as soon as I wrote the “never mind,” I realized I was channeling Gilda.

  13. Groovy, or rather, ripply photo. Nicely done.

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