vacation days

Theo during his first day ever meeting the beach.

I couldn’t resist (re)posting this for the August Greeblepix contest, for the theme of “vacation.” (Add this one to the big heap of baby photos, beach photos and sunset photos being submitted for this theme. I’ll go up a notch and submit a baby beach sunset photo!)


7 responses to “vacation days

  1. SUCH a cutie patootie! And I am not even overly-fond of little people. But he is SERIOUSLY cute!

  2. I love this one!

  3. he sure looks like he liked the beach.

  4. This is a great shot!

    Yeah, I would have posted a sunset, too (sans baby) had I remembered to submit a Greeblepix entry before the deadline…

  5. Theo is adorable! I love the composition of this shot.

  6. Beautiful photo – he looks so delighted, and the setting is spectacular. Were you staying in one of those gorgeous houses?

  7. Lovely!!! :) cute baby and awesomely taken.

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