The Princess and the Bag of Tools

One of the presents Phoebe got for her birthday, when she turned three back in February, was a “Pretty Princess FeltTales” felt board set. It’s actually quite a cool toy, consisting of a felt-covered board with some background scenery, and a bunch of smaller felt cut-out pieces. This particular set has three girls and separate clothing (a bit like paper dolls), a horse and carriage, a frog, a castle, and some other assorted princessy accessories:

The Pretty Princess FeltTales set, as shown on the company website.

The Pretty Princess FeltTales set, as shown on the company website.

Here’s how the website describes how a kid might play with the set:

“Pretty Princess” lets you get ready for a night at the castle. Dress your princess in her favorite ball gown, and add a cloak as the evening approaches. Gather her handmaidens and travel by carriage. Make a wish and kiss the frog, and perhaps….

Here’s how Phoebe set up the board.

Phoebe's version: The mechanic get her bag of tools to fix the car after the accident.

Phoebe's version: The mechanic gets her bag of tools to fix the car after the accident.

A: So what’s going on here, Phoebe?
P: Well that’s the bag of tools.
A: Yeah? Now why do they need the tools?
P: Because that’s an accident.
A: Yeah.
P: It’s a car
A: Okay. And who’s got the tools?
P: That’s the mechanic, though.

Damn, I love my little girl.

18 responses to “The Princess and the Bag of Tools

  1. it looks like she’s interpreted the split cloaks as pants – awesome.

  2. That’s pretty awesome. I’d be pretty proud too.

  3. Me too! Go Phoebe.

  4. maybe one of the others could be a veterinarian. That horse looks like it is hurting.

  5. So. Friggin. Cute.

  6. she is the coolest girl, like, ever.

  7. That is AWESOME.

    My girls have the same set and as far as I know they’ve never come up with that one. Love it.

  8. She’s fantastic! So great to know there are little girls out there not totally indoctrinated with all things pretty and princessy. Go Phoebe!

  9. That is adorable!

  10. I had the same thought as de, that the other princess must surely be the vet!

    I love this. Phoebe is so excellent!

  11. That is all kinds of awesome there. Mad props to your gal, Phoebe!

  12. MQ loved her feltkids boards… we had birthday parties for the “pink girl” daily when she was 3. hours and hours of fun. you can get more on ebay… fyi. ;)

  13. You are obviously raising the girl right!

    Too funny.

  14. Phoebe is fab.

  15. Totally adorable. I love watching how kids corrupt ideas of traditional play.

  16. Ha! That was fun.

  17. another excellent tip for my little daughter’s trip :)

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