We have some foam letters that Phoebe plays with at bath time. We’ll often talk about and name letters, and sometimes spell a few words on the tub walls.

A couple of nights ago, Phoebe picked up a D.

“What words start with a D,” John asked.

“Dog,” says Phoebe, quite quickly. We are impressed, and feel quite pleased with our parenting.

“Right! What else?”

Phoebe thought a bit. “Um…”

“Door,” I suggest.

“Dandelion,” says John.

“Daddy,” I say.

“Damn!” Phoebe suggests. John and I pause. Crap, we do swear too much in front of her.

“Oh…dam! Right! Like the dam where we go for walks sometimes!” I say, gladly remembering the dam where we go for walks sometimes.

“And dammit!” Phoebe says proudly.

Phoebe on the dam where we go for walks sometimes.

Phoebe on the dam where we go for walks sometimes.

Photo by John.

18 responses to “dam

  1. Snork. Wait until she comes home from school and tells you she can read the word written on the school wall and it says f***!
    My grandkid rolls her eyes when I swear; her parents are much better behaved.

  2. OMG that is so going to be our kids. Now that Alex is repeating things I’m much more concious of what I say and talk about.

  3. Too cute!

    I’m sure I won’t think it’s so cute when my own kids are doing it.

  4. that is very very good letter identification. you should be proud. :)

  5. I suggest you hide the F and the S for the time being.

  6. oh my. great story and absolutely fabulous photo!

  7. oh my. too cute. and absolutely fabulous photo!

  8. ok, did not mean for last comment to show up twice (only worded differently) way too tired…

  9. she’s a cheeky little monkey isn’t she?

  10. well you know she’ll pull that one out at school! ;)

  11. Ah the curse of having an intelligent child. (no pun intended!)

  12. Oh, too, too, cute — the photo and the story. I can’t believe how big Phoebe is! (and already cussin’ like a stevedore! :) )

  13. Sprung! Love it.

    (Ooh, I’m hoping that’s not an Aussie only word because it fits so perfectly. Well, if it is, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.)

    • Quadelle-
      You know, I think it may be an Aussi term , but I’ll take it! (I’m interpreting it to be like “busted.” Am I right? And yeah, “sprung” sounds about right for a…um…dam leak.)

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