socks fiend

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been thinking about socks all the time. I even have friends feeding my socks addiction.

I’m turning into a real socks fiend.

Even more shockingly, I left a number of important sock-related things of last week’s sock-themed ThThTh list:

  • Let’s Talk About Socks: a George Michael song
  • I Want Your Socks: another George Michael song. That dude was seriously into socks.
  • Socks and Candy: A Marcy Playground song. Oh, man…what’s that smell?
  • The Socks Pistols: an early British punk band known for such hits as “Knitting in the U.K.”
  • Socks in the City: a TV show about some single socks looking for their mates. (Note: contains explicit laundry scenes.)
  • Socks, Lies and Videotape: security tapes reviewed after a series of thefts at the laundromat
  • The Opposite of Socks: A movie in which Christina Ricci comes of age and explores footwear alternatives
  • Socks on the Beach: an unpleasant footwear decision leading to much sand being collected between the toes. Also a fairly obscure and unpopular cocktail.
  • A Midsummer Night’s Socks Comedy: a movie about people who wear socks with their sandals
  • socks education: high school classes in which kids learn about foot anatomy and the consequences of socks. (Don’t forget the importance of safe socks!)
  • socks maniac: one who just can’t get enough socks
  • the fairer socks: should be washed separately from the darker socks
  • casual socks: shouldn’t be worn to a formal occasion
  • socks scandal: what may happen if you choose the wrong socks for the occasion
  • The Second Socks: Simone de Beauvoir’s less famous oeuvre on her collection of mismatched footwear
  • The Joy of Socks: the definitive volume on the pleasures of socks

13 responses to “socks fiend

  1. joy of socks is actually an online sock store – i’ve bought tights from them. good stuff. :-)

  2. You’re wicked. Just plain wicked. Knocks my you-know-whats right off.

  3. love it! :) i think you are an official socks addict. i think there are support groups for that, like socks anonymous.

    have you seen Madonna’s book, SOCKS? Metal cover, shows her in many compromising positions with a variety of socks. i sure hope her kids never come across that book.

  4. and the pants feel alone and forgotten….

  5. Thank you – just what I needed to improve a day that started off on the wrong foot… but not for that Salt ‘n’ Pepa song that’s stuck in my head now.

  6. Pants and socks, pants and socks.

    You seem topless.

  7. I love all these gratuitous socks posts – they’re awesome.

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