file under d for distraction

Yes, I admit it. This post is an attempt to distract you from the recent utter lack of content here. But look! A baby!

File under c for cute. Or would that be b for baby?

I brought Theo into work for a meeting. Here we are in the little library of the lab where I work.

Theo, Mommy, and lots of old issues of JASA.

As you can see, having a baby along with me can sometimes be a distraction from work.

In related news, I’ve made some progress towards starting Theo in daycare. He starts Tuesday. I’m still trying to process that information. (And maybe file it. Under p for progress? Or maybe p for pants. Just because.)

7 responses to “file under d for distraction

  1. Oh, a baby can definitely be a distraction from work! And a welcome one, at that. I’m always happy to leave my desk so I can hold someone’s baby and coo over him or her. Happily, we have a regular supply of babies to coo over!

  2. How about filing that under P for Potential Torrent of Tears when you drop him off the first time?

    Or would that be filed under T for Torrent>Tears> Potential?

    Such a good Momma. :0)

  3. That blur of an arm made me laugh…He looks very healthy and at least happy in one of those pictures…

  4. that is one friggin’ cute baby, even crying.

  5. i’m all for taking the tots to work. on occasion my mom apparently took me to the psych classes she taught. according to her, i ate chalk dust and grossed out her students.

  6. just the other day i was wondering if I should post some pictures because I can’t seem to post anything else

  7. girlgriot-
    I think I’m ready not to be distracted by my own baby at work. At least for a few hours a week. But I’m sure I’d enjoy being distracted by someone else’s.

    City Girl-
    Or perhaps p for panic, which is a bit of what I feel.

    He is certainly not a scrawny baby.

    I must admit that I agree with you.

    Wow, I can’t imagine teaching with a kid tagging along. Well, I can imagine it. It just stresses me out. Though with powerpoint presentations, there’s a much lower risk of kids eating chalk dust. But they might chew on a power cable.

    Yes! I always enjoy seeing pictures.

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