let them eat cupcakes



opening_present img_9229


As of yesterday, Phoebe is 3 years old!

(And I’m really tired.)

16 responses to “let them eat cupcakes

  1. Happy birthday for Phoebe. Three year old girls need a day for them…especially when they aren’t the only kid in the house anymore.

    Take a breath…if you can!

  2. Can we come to the next party you throw? Yum!

    Happy birthday to your girl.

  3. Happy birthday Phoebe! I have to ask though, what are the things in the bags? They are so cute!

    • Those are little sea life finger puppets from Ikea. (The product name, apparently, is Titta.) They are on some drinking straws. I thought they were too festive to stash away in the bags, so they did double duty as decorations.

  4. Happy Birthday, Phoebe! Three is gonna be just great, baby girl, and I hope all your dreams (and your Mom & Dad’s dreams for you ) come true this year.

    Yummy looking cupcakes.

  5. Yum! LOVE the Swedish fish on the cupcakes!
    I’m sure she had a great birthday.

    • Thanks! I had insane ideas to get more elaborate with the cupcake decoration, with visions of octopus stencils, but happily my sister knocked some sense into me.

  6. Happy belated birthday! Nice job on the cupcakes and stuff….

  7. agh! those cupcakes look SO GOOD! happy birthday!

  8. CUTE. Looks like it was a blast!

  9. Great cupcakes!! Looks like a great party.

    Happy birthday, Phoebe. We liked 3 a lot, I hope you do, too!

  10. I love a fish theme.

    Felicidades pequeña! (you will give her a small snibble for me, won’t you?)

  11. Happy Birthday and holy crap that’s a lot of work!

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