Under the Bridge

Running along with my bridge theme, I present to you “Under the Bridge.” This is the “literal video version” of the Red Hot Chili Peppers song. If you’re not familiar with it you must watch. You must. It cracks me up.

7 responses to “Under the Bridge

  1. Slow down, you move to fast. (Bet you can’t name that bridge reference!)

  2. OMFG! That is excellent. And still I love the song.

  3. I got to make this moment last now. Rats. Sound track in my head is too skippy to come up with the bridge reference.
    Love both the posts. Bridge to Nowhere?

  4. love that

    (and davis, who doesn’t know the 59th street bridge song?)

  5. I LOVE these!! Have you seen the “Take on Me” version?? Too funny. :-)

  6. Pony tail.


  7. atomic bomb goes off, you’re running too slow = the sort of lolz that trigger the dog to come running to make sure mom can still breathe.

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