greeting cards for the digital age

welcome_baby_blogBirthdays and weddings. Condolences. Friendship. Any gift shop or supermarket can offer up plenty of cards for plenty of occasions. But in this digital age, the world is serving up more and more occasions for which the greeting card market has yet to be tapped.

  • Mazel tov!
    Wishing you all the joy of your new blog!
  • Smile ;)
    You’re being cyber-stalked!
  • You are invited!
    To waste away your time on Facebook.
  • I can’t keep my hands off you!
    Thank you for being my iPhone.
  • Achoo!
    Your YouTube video’s gone viral, and that’s nothing to sneeze at!
  • My heart beats for your tweets!
    I’ll follow you anywhere.
  • You’re one in 257! (And counting.)
    I’m so glad you’re my “friend.”
  • Thinking of you in your time of loss.
    Hard drive failure sucks. Wishing you speedy data recovery.
  • Happy job hunting!
    Sorry to hear that you’ve been dooced.
  • Congratulations!
    You’ve reached your 200th Facebook Friend.
  • Bon voyage!
    Wishing you many hours of escape with your new Wii.
  • Happy Bloggiversary!
    u can haz cayk!


This post has been brought to you on the occasion of the Monday Mission. For more greeting cards to stuff in your envelope, go visit Painted Maypole.

16 responses to “greeting cards for the digital age

  1. so true, love the onesie and the card

  2. I went back and read the one-liners more carefully. I bet we’ll be seeing e-cards of those to post on our friends web spaces. Creative post

  3. he he he

    I could send and receive all of those cards, me thinks.

  4. Ah. the Twitter valentine. It is a much needed commodity isn’t it? Hey wait! I don’t think you’re on Twitter. Maybe a party invitation is in order.

  5. And the Feed Me picture has left me with a severe need to nuzzle baby tummy.

  6. That’s some toothsome baby.
    As usual, you’ve got me coughing and choking on my coffee. I should know better by now than to pull up any post of yours while drinking anything.

  7. This is BRILLIANT. Make these into cards and open an etsy shop!

  8. “You’re one in 257! (And counting.) ”


    Love that t-shirt (the kid’s kinda cute too).

  9. kaye-
    Thanks, and thanks for the visit! I’d love to see my greeting cards come to life, but I doubt it will happen.

    Droll. There’s a word I don’t come across too often, but thanks!

    Thanks for the prompt! (I had to refrain from trying to make images for more of them.)

    I have a fear of Twitter. I’m afraid I may get sucked into it, since so many of you are out there playing together on it. But I spend too much time online as it is. (And if you come visit, I promise I will provide a baby tummy to nuzzle. Also shelter and food.)

    Mary G-
    Toothsome! There’s another infrequent word. How lovely. Theo is also beautifully toothless, as you can see from the top photo. (And the bit about choking on your coffee is a wonderful compliment! Thank you!)

    I seriously may develop more of them, at least into e-cards.

    I’m glad you enjoyed! As for the onesie, it is sadly temporary. I borrowed one of Phoebe’s washable markers and drew on the “chicklet.” It has already been besmirched by drool, and has run. If Crayola’s promise holds true, the design will disappear in the laundry. (Happily, the same can’t be said for the kid.)

  10. LOL! I do believe you are the queen of missions and lists. :)

  11. This is an untapped market…brilliant!

  12. Hahaha! Genius, pure genius.

  13. Great stuff – you can upload those images and Send Out Cards will print the card, stuff it, put a real stamp on it and mail it for you for under a buck.

  14. wow….nice babby cards… very nice baby cards, send the cards by post to anywhere in the world.

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